WWW.MILLENNIALKINGDOM.NET is being established because God is more tightly focusing my task on earth concerning the mission, God had given me almost nine years ago now, to establish the website www.livingeternal.net.

The mission of www.livingeternal.net is to get people to live in the reality that eternal life can be experienced now. Living with this focus is essential to prepare us to rule and reign with Jesus in the Millennium.

The mission of www.millennialkingdom is to prepare the church to rule and reign with Jesus in the Millennium.

www.livingeternal.net will continue, www.millennialkingdom is an extension of it with the focus on the Millennial Kingdom itself.

On www.millennialkingdom.net you will also be able to access resources from other sites that I believe God has raised up to prepare His church for Jesus Millennial Kingdom.

Whilst God gave me this task it is essential it is done in collaboration with other like-minded believers. I would also hope that my followers will give me feedback and even correction if they think that is necessary.


Anticipation of a coming millennial reign of Jesus on this earth was foundational in the early church. They understood that all the OT prophets were given the victorious “end of the story” with Israel’s Messiah ruling and reigning the nations with a restored people from a magnificent new Jerusalem on an elevated Mt Zion, higher than all other mountains.

They understood the covenant God made with Abraham was unconditional.

There are 1845 references in the O.T. and 318 in the N.T. to Jesus Christ return to earth to fulfill the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants to rule the nations from Jerusalem.

The Bible reveals that Jesus will return to this earth and rule and reign with the resurrected saints for 1000 years prior to its destruction and the Father creating a new earth and heaven at which time Jesus hands over His rule to the Father. The vast number of passages (promises and prophecies) that describe the Millennium anticipate events and realities that could only fit in the Millennium. Israel will fulfill its role to be “a light to the Gentiles”, to bless and teach the world in Messiah’s Kingdom. Therefore, there must be an intermediary period between the end of the kingdoms of man and the beginning of the sin-free Eternal State. The Millennium is that intermediary age.

The geography of the earth is changed entirely at the time God’s wrath is poured out on the earth with the Trumpet and Bowl judgements much like it was during the flood of Noah’s day. For example, Jerusalem will be on the highest mountain in the earth. Much detail is given about the restructured Jerusalem and Israel. Scripture reveals that even though Satan is bound for the 1000 years, Jesus and the resurrected Saints need to rule and reign with a rod of iron. The curse is not lifted off the earth. People will have a longer lifespan, but they will die. 



The editor of the site is Ronald Edwards located in Sydney, Australia. With a pharmacy degree from Sydney University, Ron spent most of his working life up to the age of 46 and his conversion from spiritual death to eternal life working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

General Manager, Hospital Products Division of Abbott Laboratories, Australasia,

General Manager, Diagnostics Division of Abbott Laboratories, Australasia,

Managing Director, The Ramsay Group. The largest Surgical, Dental, Scientific Supply company in Australia at the time.

After conversion, a radical change took place with the Holy Spirit directing his steps.

Owner/CEO, Christian Press (CP) & Care & Share Products (CS) Pty Ltd (30 years).

CP: Distributor of Christian books and resources to Christian Bookshops.

CS: Distributor of Christian and Inspirational products to secular gift shops including the brand Empowering the Poor. CS worked with Mission Groups that worked with the poor to make handmade gifts, bags jewellery etc.

Ron is the author of the books “Build a Kingdom Business – Empowered by the Holy Spirit and Living Eternal Now – Ready for Jesus Return both available as paperback and eBooks on Amazon.

He is currently a Board member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce, Australia.

This picture was taken in Athens in November 2014 prior to the ICCC Conference: Possessing the Land – It’s Time